Don’t get caught without a peephole on your door.  
Even Obama has one in the Oval Office!
· Sophisticated peepholes and viewers of
good quality at budget prices.

· Larger view lenses gives better visibility
for seniors and the visually impaired.

· Protect your loved ones against home
invasion and forced entry.

· A good quality door viewer is your best
security investment for home.

· Specialty viewers not available from the
average hardware store.

· Maximum protection on a budget.
The EZviewEX2 features an extra long
cylinder for custom installations in
Doors 2 7/8” - 3 5/8” thick. I has a
Large lens for sharp and clear image.
This unit requires a 1 1/8” opening.
Made from fire resistant ABS resin
Available in electroplated gold and
Chrome finish.
About Our Door Viewers

Budget Peepholes are specialty viewers for home.
Most entry doors are fitted with standard tiny peepholes
  that show a very limited view of who is out there.
  Strangers can hide slightly out of sight, or the image is so
fuzzy and distorted to be confused with a friend or
neighbor.The EZView and NuScope door viewers are third
generation viewers that incorporate a three lens design
over the two lens standard peephole. They provide a
wider, more precise, and sharper view with minimal
distortion.  The direct thru-the-lens view allows
observation as close as a few inches or as far as several
feet away from the door. They offer a good compromise
between size, resolution, and price.  These door viewers
are excellent replacement for the standard peephole found
in most homes.
$14.95 +S/H  
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Select Color Finish

The EZView2 provides a slick new
design with extra large lens for a
sharp clear image. Made of ABS resin
for door thickness 1 ½” – 2 1/8”.
Suitable for seniors use. Require a
1 1/8” hole for easy installation.          
Available in Chrome finish                    
$12.95 + S/H

The NuScope provides an extra large
lens for better visibility under all
lighting conditions. Made of ABS resin
for door thickness 1 ¼” – 2.0” . Ideal
for seniors use. Requires a 1 1/8” hole
for easy installation. Chrome finish       
$12.95 + S/H
This is your BEST protection against
“Reverse Peephole” devices that allow
Anyone to “see” who is inside the  
home thru your own peephole. This
simple flip-cover offers 100% privacy
at minimal cost. Available for all ½”
and 9/16” standard peepholes.
$  4.95 +S/H
Peephole Dimension

The MiniScope is a unique peephole for
door panels 3/4 “ – 1.0” thickness.
Sharp clear lenses for easy viewing.
Require only a 9/16” hole opening.
Made of solid brass for durability
Available in polished brass finish.
$19.95 + S/H

The EZView2C features an extra large
privacy cover for easy opening and
closing by seniors. It has a larger lens
for sharp clear image.  Made of ABS
resin for doors 1 3/8” – 2 1/8” thick.
Requires a 1 1/8” hole for installation.         
Available in Chrome finish.
$14.95 + S/H
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